The House of Leclerc Briant was one of the pioneers of biodynamics in Champagne. As early as the end of the 1950s Bertrand Leclerc was spreading the word about biodynamics to his family and practicing what he preached in his vineyards. It was his son Pascal, the fifth generation of Leclercs, who set about obtaining the first full certifications.

A profound respect for Nature and for the terroirs have always been of overriding importance at Leclerc Briant and now the entire vineyard is certified as organic and biodynamic. In addition, all the champagnes released onto the market are certified as vegan.

To the vines,
special care and attention

Today that estate covers 14 hectares most of which are classified as Grand Cru (Mailly, Le Mesnil) and Premier Cru (Hautvillers, Cumières, Mareuil sur Aÿ, Bisseuil, Rilly la Montagne, Villers-Allerand and Trépail). In addition to grapes from its own estate Leclerc Briant also purchases grapes from a few vignerons who are certified as organic or biodynamic, loyal and passionate friends, very attached to the family spirit and to the Cardinal Values of the House, Respect and Singularity.

In the cellars,
a singular

For several years Hervé Jestin, an œnologist specialising in biodynamics, has been working closely with Leclerc Briant.
Many years of observation and experimentation have convinced Hervé that humans, as regards their relationship with vines and wine, are capable of understanding and calling upon the intelligence inherent in Nature. His work has enabled him to define the principles of biodynamic resonance and to apply them, not only to the cultivation of vines, but also to the making of wine, a crucial field that is often overlooked.

Each stage of vinification at Leclerc Briant, from pressing the grapes to disgorging the champagne, is soft and natural. The wines are listened to and respected, nourished with the energy, the light and the life force of biodynamics so that they can express their full personality, without modification of any kind, in accordance with the unique energy of each vintage.

After at least nine months ageing in barrel, the wines enjoy an extended period of ageing deep in the cellars. With little or no dosage they reveal themselves without artifice and with a purity that gives consumers an experience like no other.